New Vid Alert: Paigey Cakey- Hot Tings

I fux with Paigey. There’s something at once very satisfying and surprising about an adorable looking girl spitting such raw lyrics. This one employs the classic ‘younger version of myself’ storyboard seen on many of my favourite music videos growing up. For those of you familiar with Paigey’s music vids, yes she’s bursting with the same larger than life confidence and swagger that we love, coupled with her signature refined ‘boyish’ dress sense.
Shot across a school, the ends, behind the wheel of her Bimmer and a certain chicken spot (which better be cutting you a cheque for the promo, girl), Hot Tings has a catchy and upbeat vibe. Paigey even sings the chorus at the end. Icing on the cake (come on, I had to squeeze that in there). Paigey, good looking, my g.

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