Uber Is Really Out Here

I feel like this guy should link up with Robert Greene* and write Reckless Finessing 101. Even the picture above looks like he’s scheming extra hard on how to get 80% of the contents of your spoon over to himself before it reaches your mouth, my g.

Little background before I continue though. This man right here is Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber. Aside from stealing trade secrets from Waymo/Google’s self driving car projects and joining Donald Trump’s ‘Business Advisory’ council earlier this year (whatever that means), the guy’s been doing all types of wild shit.

Turns out, Tim Cook himself (that’s Apple’s CEO) had to sit him down on some ‘sort your shit out or I’m kicking you out’ tip. This was a couple of years ago so we’re mad late in finding it out but so did everyone else. Conspiracy theorist are onto something, b. The whole issue was that Uber was tracking people’s iPhones, which Apple doesn’t allow to begin with, even after the Uber app was deleted from the phone. Here’s the best bit though, also the reason why Kalanick’s a strong contender for #1 tech finesser in these skreets, they geo-tagged Apple’s HQ so they wouldn’t be able to see the trick.

Lol yo, the cheek though. Can you even hate on that? I feel like you kinda have to respect the ting a little bit. He’s really out here. Maybe I’m just talking like this cos I don’t use Uber and never will though. But yeah, keep an eye on all these apps you’re giving up your private details to.

*For those of you who don’t know, Robert Greene wrote the 48 laws, then the 50th Law with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson.

Image via Inc.com

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