Mars Salads Soon Come

I was on the NASA website a while ago and came across some very interesting advancements, b. In a nutshell, when you and I (or more likely your grandchildren and mine) land on Mars and other planets that we’ll destr- I mean populate, we’ll be enjoying freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. How? They’ve only gone ahead and found a way to grow all that good shit in an inflatable greenhouse. They’re calling it the Prototype Lunar Greenhouse. Name sounding all advanced and sleek.

Now, I know this means completely diddly squat to a lot of you carnivores, but I happen to enjoy vegetables. In fact I’ve eaten zero meat for the past 12 months. I don’t know, man, there’s just something about how much better I feel overall. It might all be an illusion though, a placebo effect. But does that matter? Nope. I feel great regardless.

I digress though. The point of this post is that Martian salads aren’t that far off and we should embrace the possibility with open arms.

image via NASA

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