Common Sense: Not Profound But It’s Hus

I’m not the biggest J Hus fan. Personally, I prefer Mo Stack. But you’d have to be a straight up hater to not recognise that he’s been killing it out here for a minute. When I’m out in the dance, the whole club sings “we spend money like we don’t like money”. In fact, as soon you hear “Hasta La Baby” you know what time it is. So I’m sprinkling a healthy dosage of respek on the ting. Also, Common Sense just landed so let me give it a listen.

Common sense opens big, on some master piece type feel. I like that. A little way down the line and Jesus Christ, there’s so much leng action in Clartin. Couple that with the ominous violins and I almost rode out on my own pagans. This was before I realised I didn’t own a mash. My face was still scrunched up like I was sucking on a lemon though, in the words of Mistajam.

Leave Me got two two wheel ups, I can’t stunt. It starts out like a love song but the content caught me off guard. The reasoning is #mad. Did You See has been and will continue shutting down functions up and down the country. Deservedly. Even if you were to ignore the bars + flow. The melody alone is enough.

Sweet Cheeks is like the hood romance. I find that Hus is not at his best when he’s writing for girls but this one strikes a unicorn balance. It feels effortless. The bouncy Fisherman anthem with Mist’s brummy accent adding a whole new angle is a jam too. My G Mo Stack delivers of course. Stack and Hus back to back is always fucking beautiful and Mash Up is another proof of this.

Good Luck Chale touched home cos I’m listening to the bars and it’s merging with some of my life experiences. It sounds jazzy though. That’s the thing I like about Hus, he takes these grown and vibesy tunes and puts the ends on it. That’s big.

Who are you feels like that should be the closing track. It’s a little more introspective but still quite close to the surface. Hus is not Drake after all and I don’t expect him to be either. That’s why I’m not surprised when the album ends on a high with Friendly. That’s Hus’ brand. At this point I went and got myself a Fanta. No Hice.

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