Cav Empt x SHOWstudio Drop’s Got Me Lusting

Cav Empt x SHOWstudio’s new drop is all good and I’m gonna let ‘em finish but I’m really just here  for that translucent coach jacket. I mean have you ever experienced retail lust? I’m talking about that moment when you see an item of clothing and your mind explodes with how fire it would look on you/ how many dope ‘fits you can build with it. That’s what I felt in my soul when I first saw it.

Having said that; the more I look at the rest of the drop, the more I’m scratching my chin thinking ‘yo, that could bang too fam”. Namely the black long sleeve with the graphic on the lower back. Flames. Check out the drop for yourself tho, I’m out here fan-girling. Pow:

I’ve got you, b.

Image via Highsnobiety

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