Sensational Snapchat Spectacles

After all the hype and initial U.S. release, Snapchat, nah let me respect the marketing department, the company formerly known as Snapchat, now only known as Snap has finally released its glasses in the U.K.

In a nutshell, instead of whipping out your phone in the dance to broadcast the tun-up and risk turning it into a casualty of friendly Moët spray (God I hate those), you can now fling these glasses on and record everything in snap clear quality. The videos go straight to your phone and voila, endless POV videos of your life. Nope, not those. Get your mind out of the gutter, my g.

Now, I haven’t personally handled them because the last glasses I copped were £13 and it would be unfair for me to go out and spend 10 x that on a different pair, just because they have a camera. You know? Gotta be considerate to your belongings, man. I will say this though: the spectacles  do look like a worthwhile purchase if you’re a regular snapper/vlogger. Plus it’s low-key personal gas to be in the early U.K. adopter wave.

If however, none of what what I’ve just said had you pumped, just watch the video below and decide for yourself. Like I always say, I’ve got you, b.

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