Virgil & IKEA Are About To Bless The World

I’ve got good news! IKEA aka the Swedish champions of Democratic Design (gotta italicise that right there. It’s a real thing, look it up) are working with Mr Off-White himself aka Flat White aka Virgil Abloh on some, I presume, very fly shit.

I’m usually pretty ‘blah’ about collaboration announcements cos they get over-hyped and evidently are underwhelming when they drop. I mean what else do you expect after gassing people into oblivion about how sick a collab is gonna be.

But see, this time around it’s different. Besides being extremely wavey, Virgil’s an actual Architecture/ Civil Engineering grad, so man are really outchea doing the education, my g. Also, IKEA is fucking IKEA. If you’ve never owned at least one item from there at some point in your life, it’s probably because you were being super hipster about it being ‘too mainstream’. Just walk in and grab a table or a pillow bro, it’s okay.

Anyway, I’m talking all this crud but I’ve only ever bought hangers from there (damn good hangers too). It’s all to make a point though. The point is, this collaboration’s gonna be flames and probably way more affordable than your standard super-hyped fast fashion drop. So look out for it!

Image via IKEA

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