Black Panther: Why Your Whole Squad Has To Pull Up

The teaser trailer for Black Panther recently came out and set the internet on fire. At the time of writing this, everyone seems pretty hyped for the 2018 release. From what I’ve seen there’s hella fight scenes, cool locations and an El Dorado/ Shangri-la type backstory.

Now, I’m old enough and I’ve seen enough films in cinemas around town to know that trailers make movies look roughly, hmm I don’t know, maybe 10 to 15 times better than they actually are (I’ll show you how I arrived at these figures later, take my esteemed word for now), so I’m not as gassed as my peers are about this.

However, you will catch your boy in the nearest Odeon or Cineworld consuming copious amounts of popcorn with eyes glued to the screen when this movie comes out. Why?

For one, everyone is in it. From Lupita to homeboy from Get Out to Forrest fucking Whitaker. So yeah, off the strength of the cast alone, there’s a potential lituation on the horizon. Secondly, this is one of those rare films where the one black character’s definitely NOT getting slumped before the movie ends.

So you, I, your aunty, main and side piece all have to attend whilst holding hands. For the culture. 

P.S. Watch the trailer below.

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