Need For Speed Payback Is Underground On Steroids

I’ve been out of the Need for Speed loop for a minute. Hell, I’ve been out of the gaming world for a minute. I just find everything lacking in substance, you know? Yes, I’m aware they’re just games and I shouldn’t expect an emotional roller coaster but hear me out. I feel like every game is trying really hard to appeal to the online multiplayer aspect and just cutting out or dropping super sub-par story/ career modes all over the gaff.

Not that I blame any of them for it, that’s where the extra bucks come from. Charge people to upgrade shit and hey presto, more money in the bank every time. I get that. But damn, some of us are here for the art, b.

So when I saw the latest gameplay trailer for Need For Speed Payback, looking all block-bustery and shit, my heart skipped a beat. I was immediately transported back to ‘06 on my bunk bed watching a story unfold on Need For Speed underground on PS2.

Granted they lifted some, OK a lot, of the set up from Fast and Furious to achieve this effect but who cares? All that matters is that the story is looking super promising and the cinematics are denchnificent. I look forward to hitting several corners sideways whilst boosting when this game lands. Check out the trailer below:

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