Your iPhone Came From Drama

I don’t usually do book reviews or recommendations for several reasons. Firstly,  the books I read are mad lengthy and voluminous (*Diddy voice* yeah, take that) and unless they’re audiobooks, they’re mostly super sci-fi and fantasy books. There’s only so many times I can tell you to go read about dragon-riding, sword-wielding, long hair-having, swashbuckling dons before it makes for less than stellar reading; and yes I am suggesting, nay, confirming that everything I’ve written about up to this point has showcased groundbreaking journalism, b. Secondly, I want all types of cheques for that level of brand placement/ advertising because bills and food and kicks and that.

So in light of that, I will not be telling you to grab a copy of the One Device. However, I’m guessing you own an iPhone? If you don’t, I understand. I too was once android gang. But that’s besides the point here. What I’m tryna say is that the story of how the iPhone came to  life seems pretty interesting and you should at least read this lengthy extract via The Verge. As you’d expect from a Steve Jobs led project, there was drama, company politics and more drama throughout the game-changing device’s development stage.

Now, thanks to the words of Brian Merchant, we too can get a glimpse of it. I swear the written word is top 3 greatest invention by man, along with the wheel and sliced bread.

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