Wonder Woman: Ridiculously Riveting

Saw Wonder Woman recently and I swear it’s funnier than some of the comedy flicks out today. That’s the mark of a dope film.

Gal Gadot is murking left, right and centre, the visuals are fucking spectacular and the fight scenes are ridiculously riveting. But you do have to leave physics and sense at the door though (which I had no problem doing cos like DJ Vlad’s interviews I was there for the crud, not accuracy).

Another thing I’m giving stripes to the production team and script writers for is not shying away from making Wonder Woman girly at times. Someone out there is gonna get their knickers in a twist over Diana (that’s her name if you didn’t know) gushing about babies and ice cream. To those pagans I say this: it’s okay, bro. It doesn’t stop her from leading an entire platoon in the trenches.

The standout for me, and it’s partly because I never experred it (see here for reference) is the comedy. Fam, I spent a good chunk of the movie chuckling and laughing. That alone warrants your attendance because it means that WW is a truly multi-dimensional experience.

If you’ve not seen it, you should. Of course some of the superhero movie cliches are there but come on, that’s unavoidable- it’s Wonder Woman, my g.

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