PAQ Shows You Why Vintage Shopping Sucks

The latest PAQ was mad underwhelming for me. Especially coming off the back of the globe trotting previous episode.

The boys did the classic thrift store outfit on a budget challenge. I’m actually happy they did that because they touched on a reality that people often gloss over when singing the praises of vintage shopping.

That is, 98% of the time, it’s extremely dead. Deader than dead. Clothes aren’t neatly sorted on the shop floor like your brain is used to, sizes don’t exist and don’t even think about looking for washing instructions or asking a shop assistant about anything to do with the garms. BUT, that shit is all worth it when you find the very rare, very fresh item and you take a knee to thank the retail gods for the blessings they’ve bestowed upon you.

Yeah that wasn’t the case here. The stuff was simply below par. There was no cool unbranded item and no standout old school classic. Maybe they just went to the wrong shops? Props for the views on location though. Almost looked like a Mediterranean town for a second.

All things considered though, my g Danny should’ve won because his ‘fit was by far the waviest this time. Check out the ep for yourself though:

Photography by Joshua Meeks-Rayvon

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