4:44: Po’ Up The D’ussé & Light The Cohiba

The big homie uncle Hov recently dropped his latest project, 4:44. Usually, this would be the part where I tell you what I think of it and what stands out. But remember it’s a Jay-Z album so it obviously had to be a Tidal exclusive and not only that, as I didn’t sign up for Tidal earlier, I now have to sign up to something called Sprint ( which man’s yet to understand what the fuck they even do) to get access to the album. So uh, bare with me.

UPDATE: Yeah, I erm, I did all the above and was able to listen to 4:44 as a direct result. Obviously.

Overall, vibes wise, this is not better than Magna Carta Holy Grail. I mean, there’s no Tom Ford head-banging, turn up anthem equivalent on this here piece of work. But, the artistry, vulnerability (which is rare from Hov, he’s usually a bulletproof millionaire who’s above mere humans) and the message/ societal commentary make this an amazing album.

The tone we get from the offset with Kill Jay Z is sprinkled all across the album as Jay opens up and tries to “teach niggas how to be kings” like he mentioned way back on Watch The Throne. Also, no one’s safe from getting name-dropped. Though it’s less the Jayceon Taylor “I’m highjacking Kanye’s spaceship” type and more on the pun side, i.e. “you ain’t the same, this ain’t Kumba Ye”. Finally, the cheating rumours were right. Hov apologises profusely on the 4:44 track. Shout out to that situation. The very few features shell it too. Bam with Damian Marley is an extremely wheel up worthy tune.

This album is very soulful and grown. This the type of shit you swig oaky VSOP, maybe D’ussé, and light a strong Cohiba to. We’ll be enjoying this for decades to come, my g’s.

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