Peaceful Protest, Lol

Alright I’ve been trying not to write about this because man hates highlighting and shedding light on scumbags and general foolishness. But at this point the elephant in the room has me by the scruff of my t-shirt and is violently shaking my soul, b. So let’s talk about the Charlottesville showdown a couple of days ago.

Essentially, some white people got a bit upset over confederate statues being torn down so they went down the shops, copped two-two tiki torches and had themselves a KKK style march. I saw this and thought, ‘Cool, cool. Dickheads acting like dickheads, what’s new?’ Oh, there was so much more. The following day, these dons came through on some Part II shit, talking extra greeze with the wildest slogans. I.E. ‘Jew will not replace us’.

Obviously the people of Charlottesville weren’t having it so they pulled up to counterprotest (God bless America). Shit got so heated that one Neo-Nazi named James Alex Fields Jr. (he has two first names in his name, you already know he’s mad) used his whole car, my guy, a 250 horsepower Dodge Challenger to ‘peacefully protest’ straight into a crowd of anti-fascists. I mean, that’s a bit  much, nah?

The whole affair is ridiculous. Trump’s response was ridiculous. The neo-nazi’s rhetoric (chill I got this, it just means ‘the argument’) behind the protest was ridiculous. We’re not tryna hear that. Just come around the corner.

Which is the reaction/ response that the organiser of this violent rally personally received from the people of Charlottesville (who I must say appear to be very on job in these skreets. Several points to you, my g’s) when he came through afterwards to post rationalise the whole ting. Take a look:

As you can see, he didn’t want nor was he ready for all that smoke. *Drake Free Smoke plays in the background*.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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