New Keynote, Who Dis?

At the time of writing, Apple’s yearly keynote event is only about half an hour away. Apple heads (that’s people who love Apple, no disrespect to anyone’s head shape. We don’t condone that shit + apples are nice, man. But I digress), lovers of tech and media outlets alike are eagerly awaiting this.

What are you looking forward to the most? iPhone 8? iPhone X? Maybe the new iPod touch? Either way, here’s an artist’s impression of what I believe will happen in various apple stores after the unveiling of said new products:


Oh, almost forgot. You can livestream the whole thing by clicking right here (through an Apple product only, of course. What did you think bro?)

P.P.S. I bet your iPhone’s been acting a little weird lately. Not working as well it used to, maybe. Perhaps a little slower, especially since that new software update? Enjoy the keynote though * Sips tea *

P.P.P.S. I own two iPhones. We in this together. For now.

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